Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Curly Strands, Sidlab has Love for Hair

By Stascha Grande
ALL hair is either straight, wavy, or curly (of varying degrees).  Your strands have everything to do with your hair TEXTURE and very little to do with your ethnicity.  Shine encourages you to expand your product choices and use products that work for your client's tresses.

The Shine team was recently introduced to a stunning couture hair line, Sidlab.
The brainchild of hair stylist Eric Alan Nelson, Founder & President.  Eric has created a line of haircouture products that cleanse, condition, smooth, shape, and shine your strands with runway results.  

"Our products are made with love Nelson explains, Hair is Fabric,  and our line styles, loves and protects it."  All the products are 100%Paraben Free (linked to cancer) and does not use Sodium Laureth Sulfate (an inexpensive skin irritating ingredient commonly found in shampoos).

The entire line is fashion forward, Shine recommends curlista, for naturally curly heads that need a product that will; 
  • enhance and help define beautiful curls
  • tame frizz 
  • and adds shine without leaving a hard or crunchy feel
Sidlab is a  premium line that is moderately priced, a perfect addition to your retail line, particularly in this economy.  Introduce your clients to products that work for their hair texture.

For more information on
 or to retail the products~

Monday, March 9, 2009

25 Years of Hair with Patrick Wellington

By Stascha Grande
MAVEN Patrick Wellington
SHINE Fresh Hair Looks, Inspired by Fashion
PASSION Healthy Hair
SALON Wellington Hair Spa (WHS), 119 West 23rd Street, Suite 501

Shine was thrilled to sit down with Patrick Wellington a 
St. Katherine's, Jamaica native, a Master Hair Professional, and founder of the Wellington Hair Spa.   

Shine caught up Patrick last week in his Hair Spa located in the heart of Chelsea.  His salon is fresh, modern, warm, and has a regal feel, much like Patrick's personality.

Shine. How long have you been in the industry?
Patrick . "I have been doing hair for 25 years, I opened this salon 7 years ago"

Shine . Your Salon has a variety of services, what do you specialize in?
Patrick . "We are a full service salon with experienced stylist providing Weaves, Chemicals (Relaxers, Color), Natural Hair (locs, twists, braids), but my speciality is precision cuts, for all textures of hair, I am not a one dimension hair cutter.  We service a variety of clients with a variety of hair textures and we are equiped to satisfy them all.  There are many Broadway artists that are regulars at WHS."

Shine . What would you like to see change about the industry?
Patrick . "Some salons are diluting the industry with the prices they charge and the poor quality of products they provide. This is diminishing the hair industry overall."

Shine.  What's next for Patrick Wellington?
Patrick . "I am always inspired by fresh and changing hair styles derived from the energy of the Fashion industry, so keeping my clients current is important to me.  This month we are celebrating 25 years since I started my hair career.  We are having a huge celebration, a client and friends of WHS photoshoot, it's invitation only, here at the salon.  It's a quarter century in the business, it's time to celebrate!

With a cutting edge salon, a variety of services, a love for hair and a great team, Patrick and the WHS will continue to Shine Brightly undoubtedly for another 25 Years of healthy hair!

To find out more about Patrick Wellington 
and the Wellington Hair Spa
go to, or for appointment 
call 212.206.7962, Tuesday - Saturday.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dr. Miracle's Shines Brightly!

By Stascha Grande

At Shine Expo Beauty Culture & Shine Magazine we are constantly nosing, emulsifying, examining products and packaging, applying, and re-applying products.  

This week the SHINE team tested Dr. Miracle's Acne System and we were pleasantly surprised! 
Surprised only because this is one of their first skin line extensions from their well known and high quality hair care portfolio.

The team found that one of the key elements of Dr. Miracle's Acne System is this regimen allows you to gauge and correct your personal skin concerns without over drying, simply by regulating the frequency of use of the system or combination there of, particularly with the Tingling Repair Lotion.

Whether you have full blown acne, suffer from occasional pimples, break-outs around your hormonal PMS cycle time, or anywhere in between.

Step 1 - Exfoliating Cleanser 
 Thorough and exfoliating, yet not too rough or drying.  A proponent in renewing the skin and killing acne bacteria.  A cleansing balance of exfoliating and moisturizing.  The hydrogenated castor oil helps balance the product consistency, and the sweet peppermint fragrance massages your senses.

Step 2 - Regenerating Toner 
 A light toner with glycolic acid to reduce acne scarring, and witch hazel extract, to refresh the skin.  Dr. Miracle's does what a toner should, shrink pores. Refrigerate it for a morning and evening ooooh weeee feeling!

Step 3 - Tingling Repairing Lotion 
The SHINE team was WOWED by the power of this Repairing Lotion.  It serves as a moisturizer; protects the skin, prevents acne, and treats the skin.  Dr. Miracle's provides a specialty high quality benzoyl peroxide prescription grade, common in acne products, to aid in removing acne and blackheads.  The minty smell and slight tingling sensation will inspire you all day!

Dr. Miracle's Acne System, a skin miracle, effective and works fast.  A regimen for all skin types, monitor usage with your skin needs, specifically for the acne prone. Dr. Miracle's is found at retailers for under $20.00, which makes this premium, money back guaranteed product - recession proof! |

Let Your Skin SHINE Brightly with Dr. Miracle's!

Monday, March 2, 2009

SHINE Backstage at Rip the Runway

By Phylencia Taylor
Rip the Runway 2009 hosts; the glowing Joy Bryant and the charming Derek Luke. 

Shine was BACKSTAGE at the 5th Annual Rip the Runway (RTR) Special, the show airs TONIGHT,Monday, March 2, 2009 at 9PM EST on BET.

Rip the Runway (RTR) is where music and fashion collide. A runway fashion show of upcoming and established fashion designers, music performances with the hottest artist.

Where there is music and fashion there is always beauty
and there is SHINE....

JUNE AMBROSEBeautiful, Fabulous & Fly.
Fashionista & RTR Correspondent

June's Glam Squad  at RTR
 Make-Up, Leonid Ruzayev, (L), June (C), Hairstylist, Cherity (R)

Shine was there for June's interview with TI, right after his stage performance at RTR.

Laurieann "Boom-Cat-Cat" Gibson, 
RTR / All Access Correspondent, 
was energetic and alluring, as always, backstage.

Gibson seen here with Anthony Cherry, International/Celebrity Hair Stylist, 
featured on the upcoming Candy Girls reality show on E!  
You've seen him shine with styled hair for Stacey Dash, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Ciara, 
Kelis, Keyshia Cole, Wildn-Out Cast and Tila Tequila, to name a few.

Anthony Cherry with Sarah, 1/4 of the female singing group Electrik Red

LaMar Allure Wright ,, MakeUp Artist with Naomi, 1/4 of the Group Electrik Red

The Beautiful & Talented Liberian Designer, Korto Momolu, from Project Runway Season 5

RTR Chocolate Star!  His light Shines Brightly!

You have seen him on Keyshia Cole's "The Way It Is" reality show,
It's Dariel Pulliam, Neffe's hair stylist and rising star!

L:  RTR Model, LaMar A. Wright, Makeup Artist, RTR Model and 
Makeup Artist, Lenny M. Hamilton, pose for SHINE!
Brittani, Makeup Artist, touching up with RTR Show Producer J

 Barber, TyShawn Kennedy lining RTR Dreaded Model

Don't Miss RTR tonight, the fashion, the music performances by TI, The Dream, 
Shine's Winter Cover Model Keri Hilson and more, plus the BEAUTY!

Shine Brightly!
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