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Nail Taxi Partners for Inauguration History!

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By Victoria Witchey, Stascha Grande
Nail Taxi, Founded by Cinnamon Browser, is an innovative and pioneering business focused on the needs of today's business woman.  Billing itself as a mobile nail boutique.  Nail Taxi services clients in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Richmond, and Washington, DC.  Nail Taxi has literally exploded since its inception, being featured on the program The Big Idea with Donny Deutsche as well as in notable publications such as Lucky, The Washington Post, Family Circle, Entrepreneur, Chicago Sun, Daily Candy, Chicago Tribune and Shine Magazine.  Nail Taxi was also part of the Glam Squad for Shine Expo Beauty Suite for Latin Grammy's in Houston, TX, in 2008.

Nail Taxi partnered with the People's Inaugural Project (PIP) last week for President Obama's Inauguration.  The PIP was held January 19th and 20th at the JW Marriott, on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.  The Project was the brainchild of Earl Stafford, a 60-year-old Virginia businessman, and son of a Baptist minister, who spent $1 million to give hundreds to poverty-stricken and terminally ill Americans, along with wounded men and women in uniform, an inauguration experience that didn't cost anything.  Stafford says "I was inspired to do this by the Lord...It's about helping other people."

"We were indeed honored to be part of such a historic occasion and to be a part of such a worthy cause.  Everything was provided for inauguration, gowns, shoes, jewelry, bags, tailoring, hair, makeup and nail care for PIP attendees,"  explains Cinnamon Browser, Founder & CEO of Nail Taxi about being a part of this historic event.

Nail Taxi is a fabulous and flourishing business, with franchise opportunities available.  In 2009 Nail Taxi will expand to provide staffing (nail technicians for salons, video shoots, fashions shows, and beyond) and partner for other special events and High-Profile Beauty Suites, with a team of seasoned and professional nail technicians.

Cinnamon Browser & Nail Taxi...Their Lights Shine Brightly!
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Chris Rock's "GOOD HAIR" ...OUR HAIR

By Phylencia Taylor
(Photo by the Sundance Film Festival)

Chris Rock had a double dose of African-American pride to celebrate last week. First the Inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama, followed by Good Hair winning the Special Jury Prize Award at the Sundance Film Festival 2009, in Utah.  A humorous documentary co-written and narrated by Rock, directed by Jerry Stilson and Executive Produced by Nelson George. 

Rock was inspired to develop the film while doing stand-up in Atlanta in the 90's and was able to witness the Bronner Brothers (BB) International Hair Show (BB enters its 61st year of business in 2009, one of the oldest AA show and beauty business).  Albeit, when his young daughter Lola asked him "Why come I don't have good hair?" he was committed to exploring OUR hair and its connection to African-American (AA) culture, and in essence, self-love.

Good hair is an age-old topic discussed amongst OUR community.  The term "good hair" implies that African Americans with drier, thicker, tighter curl patterns have "bad hair."  Society and corporate America challenges our ability to love and embrace our own hair texture.  In part because of our acceptance/rejection in the work place, which directly affects our ability to monetize our lifestyles.  The "Good Hair" / "Bad Hair" struggle is yet another cultural divider that extends back to the days of Willie Lynch. {Share your comments below}

Hair has played a significant role in African-American culture, specifically for women.  A woman's hairstyle defines her physical look and can be upgraded with just one visit to the salon. We have a very special and emotional relationship with our hair, which supports the booming ethnic hair care industry. {See SEBC BLOG - Shineanthropology - Ethnic Beauty Spend in 2008}

Good Hair traces the growth of the $10 Billion industry rooted in the maintenance of African-American hair and its place in the ethnic community and our culture, from relaxers to weaves. The documentary investigates the heart of power and politics related to African-American women and our hair topics such as touching a black woman's hair/weave during love making, how our hairstyles affect self-esteem, activities and relationships.

Good Hair interviewed an array of celebrities in the documentary to probe their perspectives on hair and its political and cultural implications, to include:

Top Row (L-R):  Author/Poet, Dr. Maya Angelou, Activist, Al-Sharpton, Actors Nia Long & Raven Simone,       
Bottom Row (L-R):  Rapper/Actor, Ice T, Hip Hop Legends, Salt n Pepa, Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway, 
Hip Hop Pioneer/Entrepreneur/Producer, Andre Harrell

The film encapsulated an authentic feel for Hair Shows & Battles, working with renowned platform artist, Derek J, among other beauty industry consultants.

Derek J on the Sally's Beauty Supply Store stage at the Bronner Brothers Show - ATL . 7.08 . (Photo by SEBC)

In the documentary, Rock explores what "good hair" is culturally and the price Black women pay to aspire to it.  Good Hair's expedition across the US was vast, calling on salons and barbershops from Harlem to Los Angeles, inquiring beauty enthusiasts on African American hair culture.  Good Hair went as far as to travel to India investigating temples and laboratories of the wondrous weave industry.

SHINE is excited about the psychological paradigm shift that this film will inspire. Chris Rock, the conscious comical genius he is, explored the age-old topic of "Good Hair" and allows OUR Hair to SHINE.  Good Hair's general release date is pending.

The Truest Beauty SHINES from Within! | SEBC

What Does Our Society & Corporate America Say About Our Hair?

By Stascha Grande
Let your Light Shine below with your comments....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ethnic Beauty Enthusiasts Spend A Mind-Boggling $5 Billion in 2008

By Phylencia Taylor

In 2009 the US budget deficit  is estimated to soar to $1.2 Trillion, our economy is suffering greatly. (A)  Major US industry business setbacks, Blagojevich corruption, Madoff fraud;  unemployment is higher than it has been in 16 years.  Corporate bailout requests are beyond expectation (Adult Entertainment Industry Bailout - Really?) and the scarcity appears endless.

Albeit, in 2008 the Beauty Industry as a whole closed at a whopping 
$10 Billion. (a)
  • General Market consumption is more than double the ethnic spend, estimated at over $5 Billion (a).
  • Ethnic beauty spending is estimated to close at an abundant $2.6 Billion in HBC (Health, Beauty, Cosmetics) (a), plus an additional estimated 50% of the market share is attributed to Beauty & Barber (B&B) store sales (stores without product scanners, direct sale shipments from distributors/manufacturers) totaling $5 Billion.
Beauty Supply Stores (B&B's) are more commonly known in urban neighborhoods across the US as the "Korean Beauty Supply Stores."  [Read Shine Magazine Winter 2009 issue, an in-depth feature on "Ethnic Beauty Distributors Revealed" for more on this topic]

The CIA World Fact Book reported, 18 Dec 08 (b), the Ethnic US Population at 35%.
  • 20.04% - African America (12.85%), Asian (4.43%), Amerindian/Alaska Native (.97%), Native Hawaiian and other Pacifica Islander (.18%), Other - two or more races (161% July 07 estimate)
  • 15.1% - Hispanic - NOTE:  The US Census Bureau lists the growing Hispanic/Latin population separately, defined as persons of Latin American descent (ex. Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican,...)
Ethnic Beauty is up, 7% increase in Ethnic Beauty since 2007 (d), despite a sluggish economy.  It seems's how:
  • The ethnic population increased, largely attributed to the Hispanic population growth
  • Ethic buyers have an on-going desire for upscale, premium, prestige products (priced higher)
  • General Market HBC products are being purchased to replace or in combination with ethnic products
  • Retailers expect a ROI by expanding their distribution with ethnic HBC brands
  • "Dr. Endorsed" products lend credibility to products and influence purchase, such as Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins, and Dr. Miracle (ethnic hair care line)
  • Natural products are becoming increasingly popular, yet relaxers still lead the ethnic HBC category
In essence, less than half of the US population, the ethnic consumer, spends more than 50% of the entire beauty market share.  Clearly the ethnic consumer places a premium on appearance. Beauty professionals and enthusiasts appreciate a smart appearance and continue to support the beauty industry, despite a rainy economy.

Shine Expo Beauty Culture understands "He Who Knows It Feels It," and the connection between your appearance and confidence is intertwined.  For many industries a polished appearance is paramount.  
So...Shine On! | 

a|c|d| Pacakged, Nov 1, 2008
b| - Dec. 18, 2008

What's Hot In Beauty for 2009?

By Stascha Grande

As you explore new beauty options in 2009, delve into 
Shine Expo Beauty Culture Hot Picks in 2 00h Nine!

Nudes, shimmers, clear gloss - necessary, but predictable! The right reds, purples, pinks or fuchsias take it up a notch.  Go bold or stay home!

Shine with Carol's Daughter Candy Paint Lip Gloss .
The all natural colored gloss can be worn as a sheer or opaque.

Go Metallic! Wear your precious metals on your eyes in 2009!

Shine with Shu Uemura and T. LeClerc Mono EyeShadows, or Sephora Eye Glitter Pencils, also IMAN Luxury Eyeshadow/Eyeshadow Duo

Style~ Punk, alternative mohawks and mushrooms, yes mushrooms, ROCK!
Long and luxurious layers with a razor bang, always a staple
Color~ Rich colors with depth or stark tips/highlights for contrast and increased swag

Shine recommends:
~Deep conditioning with CANTU Shea Butter at home, in-between salon visits, coupled with regular salon trims are key to maintaining your healthy mane

~Consult with your Professional Hair Stylist for your 09' style, or find the stylist you deserve!  (On Time, Knowledgeable, Understands Your Needs, Has Savvy Suggestions & Technique, concerned with healthy hair, and Not-Gossipy, but will listen if required, "girl-friend style")
[Check Out CANTU in Shine Winter Issue 2009 - "The Power of the Dollar - Recession Friendly Beauty"]

Photo Courtesy Kimmie Kyees -  Metallic Nails/Keri Hilson's Hound's Tooth Minx
[Check Out Kimmie Kyees, Celebrity Nail Tech - Shine Winter 2009  Issue "SUPERNOVA"]

80's Retro!
Stay with the LIncoln Parks and Midnight Blues, but add Cocoa and Maverick Toned Nail Lacquers to your style

Shine with short manicured nails in metallics and neons
Or live on the edge with Minx (the newest re-usable nail printed coverings) 
sported by celebs like Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Beyonce and Solange

Mineral powder foundations!  Light, natural coverage, preferably with an SPF
Shine with Bare Escentuals

Being well groomed matters!  Introduce your guy to the finest in men's grooming.
Balds, Obama Caesars, Cornrows, Dreads, 1 Inch, Curlies, and for men with styles anywhere in between, there is a grooming product in this line for all men.  It's like no other.  

Frederick Benjamin Men's Grooming Line.  A system of shampoo, conditioner and daily hydrator, each with active natural oils of spearmint, clove, nettle, and hemp seed, and the scent is fresh and oh so clean.

True Beauty Shines Brightest from Within | Shine Brightly!

Shine Beauty Snoop | ROCSI

By Stascha Grande
Photo By Sarah McColgan | |

Shine Beauty Snoop is a sneak peak in the bag of tricks of Beauty Enthusiasts. 
The must-haves we carry in our bags daily to Shine Brightly.

Shine caught up with the naturally beautiful and warm-spirited ROCSI to snoop her beauty. Eighty-five million homes see ROCSI daily in five countries and the Caribbean as Co-Host of BET's 106 & Park.  Her Light Shines Brightly!

ROCSI's BEAUTY SNOOP is low-maintenance to compliment her jet-setting swag; 

Rosebud Salve to moisturize and shine her lips

MAC Compress Studio Fix Powder for her face

Bath & Body Works Body Butter in Cocoa Butter for her skin



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Welcome to Shine Expo Beauty Culture Blog

By Phylencia Taylor
Shine Expo Beauty Culture (SEBC) Blog!

SEBC Blog is a Beauty Way of Life!  An extension of Shine Magazine, the nation's first beauty news and lifestyle magazine shaped by and created for Ethnic Beauty Professionals & Enthusiasts!  Shine Magazine is a seasonal printed magazine that embodies and exemplifies the beauty,  passion, and life of the industry.

SEBC Blog is a daily dose of Shine Magazine that features Shine Enthusiasts, Shineanthropology, Shine Snoop Bags, Beauty?, Spotlights, Master Supernovas, and much, much more...

Also, stay informed of Shine Expo Beauty Culture Special Events in 2009; Professional Membership New Plans, Educational & Business Seminars, Beauty Trade-Shows and Shine Beauty Suites.  

Welcome to Shine Expo Beauty Culture Blog, a daily dose of Shine Magazine.  
We appreciate your support, and look forward to your feedback
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