Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's Hot In Beauty for 2009?

By Stascha Grande

As you explore new beauty options in 2009, delve into 
Shine Expo Beauty Culture Hot Picks in 2 00h Nine!

Nudes, shimmers, clear gloss - necessary, but predictable! The right reds, purples, pinks or fuchsias take it up a notch.  Go bold or stay home!

Shine with Carol's Daughter Candy Paint Lip Gloss .
The all natural colored gloss can be worn as a sheer or opaque.

Go Metallic! Wear your precious metals on your eyes in 2009!

Shine with Shu Uemura and T. LeClerc Mono EyeShadows, or Sephora Eye Glitter Pencils, also IMAN Luxury Eyeshadow/Eyeshadow Duo

Style~ Punk, alternative mohawks and mushrooms, yes mushrooms, ROCK!
Long and luxurious layers with a razor bang, always a staple
Color~ Rich colors with depth or stark tips/highlights for contrast and increased swag

Shine recommends:
~Deep conditioning with CANTU Shea Butter at home, in-between salon visits, coupled with regular salon trims are key to maintaining your healthy mane

~Consult with your Professional Hair Stylist for your 09' style, or find the stylist you deserve!  (On Time, Knowledgeable, Understands Your Needs, Has Savvy Suggestions & Technique, concerned with healthy hair, and Not-Gossipy, but will listen if required, "girl-friend style")
[Check Out CANTU in Shine Winter Issue 2009 - "The Power of the Dollar - Recession Friendly Beauty"]

Photo Courtesy Kimmie Kyees -  Metallic Nails/Keri Hilson's Hound's Tooth Minx
[Check Out Kimmie Kyees, Celebrity Nail Tech - Shine Winter 2009  Issue "SUPERNOVA"]

80's Retro!
Stay with the LIncoln Parks and Midnight Blues, but add Cocoa and Maverick Toned Nail Lacquers to your style

Shine with short manicured nails in metallics and neons
Or live on the edge with Minx (the newest re-usable nail printed coverings) 
sported by celebs like Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Beyonce and Solange

Mineral powder foundations!  Light, natural coverage, preferably with an SPF
Shine with Bare Escentuals

Being well groomed matters!  Introduce your guy to the finest in men's grooming.
Balds, Obama Caesars, Cornrows, Dreads, 1 Inch, Curlies, and for men with styles anywhere in between, there is a grooming product in this line for all men.  It's like no other.  

Frederick Benjamin Men's Grooming Line.  A system of shampoo, conditioner and daily hydrator, each with active natural oils of spearmint, clove, nettle, and hemp seed, and the scent is fresh and oh so clean.

True Beauty Shines Brightest from Within | Shine Brightly!


Anonymous said...

Where can I guy MINX nails?

Anonymous said...

I have tried Frederick Benjamin love it. I am getting some more for myself and a set for all of the men in my life- Dad, brothers, etc. The minty scent and tingly sensation make me feel, in the words of OutKast, "So fresh and so clean". Brothers, gitcho game on!

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