Monday, February 9, 2009

Shine Beauty Snoop | Kimberly Brookins, Beauty Enthusiast!

 By Stascha Grande | GreenSky Life
SHINE BEAUTY SCOOP is a sneak peak in the bag of tricks of Beauty Enthusiasts.  The must-haves carried in our bags daily to 

Shine caught up with Kimberly Brookins, a beauty enthusiasts and sales distributor from South Carolina.  

Kimberly's BEAUTY SNOOP is one of polished sophistication. She prefers a beautified look with a healthy coif, clear skin, enhancing make-up, with well manicured nails.

Kimberly's Shining Product  
Christian Dior Sun Powder Spray 
"I have been using the CD Powder Spray for about 6 weeks, I love it because it gives my face a smooth fresh and glowing sun-kissed look that conceals your beauty flaws."

Kimberly's Louis Vuitton Make-Up Bag Contains

L-R | Christian Dior Sun Powder Spray, 2 Pencils (MAC - Chestnut Lip Liner, Graph Black Technakohl Eye Liner)  1 Shadow Sponge Applicator, 1 Shadow Brush, 2 Pencils (MAC - Engraved Powder Paint Eye Pencil, Chestnut Lip Liner (small pencil), 1 MAC Pencil (point Black - Kim also uses this pencil to create special beauty marks), 4 MAC Lustre glass Lip Glosses (Angel Wing, Morning Glory, Viva Glam V, Elegant Peach), 2 MAC Shadows (Brown Script (top), Falling Star (Bottom), 2 Loreal (Original Volumious Mascara, Liner Intensive), 
3 Bobby Pins, 1 Co. Bigelow Lip Balm Stick, 1 Sponge Round Makeup Applicator

True Beauty Shines Brightest From Within | SEBC

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Does this spray come in different colors?

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